Vaastu Dosha Remedies


Vaastu Dosha

A Building may have combination of minor and major defects. This magnitude of defects depends on the direction where the defects occur and the multiplicity increases. Generally North east (Eshanya) and South west(Agneya) corners are considered to be the most important orientations in vastu. As per the vastu, north east is like the receiving hands. It is the magic corner of the house. It is considered that luck enters in a dwelling unit through north east if it is opened and remains in side forever in the premises if South West is closed, solid and packed. If south west is open, luck would take an exit from there.

So any lacuna in Northeast and  Southwest will cause a major defects or Vaastu Dosha

A Vastu dosh can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some charged objects. Every vastu dosh have a definite Vaastu Dosh remedies  and if implemented properly, the happiness and peace will comes back in the life again.

Vaastu Dosha Remedies

These are the simple remedies,one can do himself, without any extra expenses.

  1. Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti  and  Pooja of  Vastu purush. 
  2. Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath, Agnihotra Yagya.
  3. Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) made of silver, copper wire,pearl and powla. All these items to be put in a red cloth with red earth and keep that in East direction.
  4. Red sand Cashew Nut, Powla in red cloth – keep that in West direction on Tuesday and worship that with seemed incense will bring peace in house.
  5. Recite ” Om Namoh Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay Namah ” mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times
  6. If you are facing health problems, check your bed. As per Vastu Shastra, one should always use bed with four legs. Box type bed stops air circulation and is the foremost reason for bad health.
  7. Poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man, owl and eagle are considered inauspicious. If you are having one of them in your home, remove it immediately.
  8. Kitchen heavy items such as grinders, fridge, and likewise items should be placed towards the  west and the southern wall of the kitchen.

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434 responses to “Vaastu Dosha Remedies

  1. We made our house 4 years ago after this we suffer such big big problems and lost the luck… me and my faimly suffering the physical and very seroius problems…..if it can be caused by vastu dosh… to know that what making us to suffer this all and how to get out of this all misshappngs…….pls guide and help

  2. hello sir ,i m just shifting my kitchen to other place in the house the total area of it is just 7*5. i m sending u the position of it

    the most important thing is that my kitchen is in the SE corner of the flat

    1.the enterance of the kitchen is in the SW corner of the kitchen n i cant change the enterance.
    2.the head over shafts can be built on the E n N wall only.
    3.i can put my gasstove n sink in the N or E
    4. i have to put my fridge n micro wave in the NW corner of the kitchen .
    5.i cant do any thing on the south wall of the kithcen as there is a window .

    so i can not do any thing on the south n west wall of the kitchen
    plz help me to make my kitchen vastu dosh free. what remedies can i do to avoid vastu dosh.

    • Hi, Ruchi Sharma:
      kitchen is in the SE(Agneya) corner of the flat, its Fine no problem.
      Entrance to kitchen in SW (Nairutya) it doesn’t matter.
      You please put the Gasstove to the East wall,so that your face while you cook would be in east facing.
      If possible try to put fridge in the SW corner of the kitchen or adjacent to south wall with North or West facing, below the South wall widow or side to it.
      If you do all these your kitchen will be Vaastu dosh free. and note that no one is 100%. Our success will depend on our own karma. Always do it according to nature, Nature will with you always.

  3. i just renovated my kitchen three months back…….my sink and stove are in the same line….i cannot do anything for the water source is permanent there…but i am having financial difficulties after that which i never had in my whole life… i think this is because of the sink… kindly suggest some remedy for this vastu dosh…like can i keep something on the sink or near the gas stove to rectify it……thanx in advance

    • If Cooking gas (fire) is just too closed to washing sink, Water ( Jal ), there may be a problem in relationship. As these both the element i.e. fire and water are having a clash, (fire and water are not comfortable close to each other.) Causing family members to have disagreements resulting in to stress.
      The sink in kitchen must be placed at Ishan (North East) corner. And Gas in Agneya (South west) corner.
      The lady while cooking should face east, because it brings good health to family members. If the lady faces west while cooking it may lead to health problems to ladies; and the face towards south may lead to financial problems in the family.

    • Sir, I had assist to mr Kishore Sharma of washim dist maharashtra, for vastu of my house…
      They had find few problem as per vastu…
      Like a pillar is built on head of Lord vastu…
      Staircase etc…
      He had tell me to balance my house by stones like pukhraj, panna, Moti etc without making any changes in the plan…
      Is it possible to balance vastu dosh by such stones

  4. if nothing can be done in regards to relocate or construct the kitchen again or change the position of the there any remedy for this ……like i keep something there to rectify this vastu dosh…….kindly suggest……

  5. If overhead water tank is situated in the east direction ot the house, what are its effects and what are the remedies?

    • Principle is that, the height of the South west should be higher than North east. If water tank is in North east, this height will increase to that South west. Means the negative energy will hold in house, which causes may problems. Remedy is increase the height of South west.

      • Sir, Is there any particular day or time on which it has to be demolished or can be done any fine day ? And to add to the fact sir, I have a toilet and bathroom in north east side of the house with unattached wall and is being used by the outsiders and staffs, Is this also a vaastu dosh and same applies to me?
        thanks sir.

      • Ishanya Putra Yantra (North-East): North East is the most positive direction joint of two positive streaming from East and North. It is used to invite positive energies and to remove “blocks” if any, from the North east direction. Here NE is not blocked. Your Toilet is in Wrong place.

  6. hello sir,
    my toilet and bathroom is located in southwest corner of house and septic tanks above that please help us out with some remedy.

    • Hello,
      Toilet and Bathroom are in South West, are totally in wrong position of Vastu Principle. Septic tanks above that means exact where.I would suggest to reconstruct the Toilet, Bathroom and Septic Tank in the North or south east.

      • Mr.Wadesh;
        Toilet in South West is totally against Vastu principle. Its better to shift it to North west, North or South region of the house.
        Presently place the Sarva mangal vastu yantra on southern wall

  7. hello sir,
    my name is Bhaskar (dhanush rasi)
    i am staying in rent house first flour
    tha main gate entrence NorthWest and main entrence located in North above that please help us out with some remedy
    Thanku sir

  8. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to buy new home. However, all the bathrooms are in South West corner of the house. Could you please suggest remedy for this?


  9. Respected sir,
    in my own flat, eshaan corner is cutt off, and my flat is like “T” shape, where at lower point kitchen is there, which is facing at north, so i change my gas direction to the east wall, and main door facing at west and at north west corner exact, please guide me because after 1 yr from living in flat i loose my job, i am very much deeply financial problem and seraching a job since 9 months and mrs. health problem is at very much danger stage. i request you please guide me as early as possibel, i am waiting your reply on my mail id.
    thanking you

  10. Hello Sir,
    >My entrance to my flat is from south.
    >My south west is extended & there is bathroom which is attached to my master bedroom
    >My northeast is extended but less then south west & there is puja & study room
    >My south east is cut & there is kitchen
    >In kitchen my sink is in south west & I cannot change the direction
    >My common bathroom is in north just attached to extended north east
    >I am going to put copper wire in just to extended portion in south west.
    >After putting copper wire can I use south west as bathroom.
    Plz. suggest all my vastu is ok or there should be any changes

  11. hello sir, my current kitchen is in the south west direction, with the cooking range on the same side as well, the water sink is in the north east direction. We have bought the house and it ia n open plan living so unable to change anything. Any suggestions or remedies please

  12. Hello Sir,

    In my house toilet is in southwest corner. I am suffering somany problems. I am unable to sleep properly due to bad dreams. I am unable to find another house in my budget. Most of the houses are vasthu problems. Is there any remedy. Pls advice.

    Thank you,

  13. Sir, I am planning to buy a new flat and I am confused about the following points-
    1. Entrance is in north-east direction,is it corrrect according to the vastu?
    2. Utility in the kitchen is facing east,and the cook will prepare food facing north-east direction.
    Please sir, make me aware of the proper vastu shastra,and if its not correct give me the remedies..
    Thank you.

  14. directions of my house comes in corner my south is north west kitchen where we face west while cooking ..and have door in the north east corner so the only plasce left for god worship place is south corner .. what are the remedies ..please suggest

  15. Hello Sir, we have north facing house and our bathroom plus toilet is in nw direction of our house and under stairs and can’t relocated it as our house is not that much big. One more problem is there we have kitchen in sw direction. Please give any remedy so that need not to demolished everything.

    • Hello manpreet ji:
      Bathrom with toilet in NW direction – it’s ok
      If possible shift the kitchen to South east. See manpreet ji , Nothing is greater than our Survival existence.

  16. hello sir, recently i buy a constructed kitchen is northeast corner and toilet is in north.if there is any vastu dosh? if yes , what can i do? please advise me.

  17. namaste sir
    half my kitchen falls in NW ( I have kept my gas in this half) and the rest half falls in mid west. my cooking area was in west which I have shifted to eastern wall of the kitchen. door of the kitchen is also in midwest. How can i cure this problem because i have heard that kitchen should never be in mid west. are my financial problems due to this?

    • Hello Sushma ji;
      If you have shifted cooking are to East, then use the south east are for cooking in your kitchen. Try to face east while you cook.
      please send me a plan of your house to get clear the issue.

      • Sir,

        When i standing at center of the house and going out of the house, main door is south facing. If i want to change the main door to east facing then can i do that by putting an extra iron door in east direction..By doing so first a person needs to cross that iron door and then main door.Please suggest can i change the direction of the main door facing by doing this?
        Thanks,Mohit Kumar Agarwal.

  18. Hello Sir, we have following issue in our house.
    1) The north side of the house has a deep cut.
    2) We have toilet in the south west section of the house.

    Please would request you to suggest remedies for the same.

    Thank you

  19. Hi
    could you please advice remedy for shermukhi house ( rectangle cut from south west corner ) for residence purpose not for business.


  20. Hi, My kitchen is in proper direction south-east corner.Gas stove is toward east wall but I have problem to put sink on North-east side as living room is there.(living and kitchen are combine, no wall between kitchen entrance and living room). Can I put sink on south wall,in middle of platform(not south east corner of platform). If not,Can you suggest better option?

  21. Sir,
    I live in melbourne and since 2009 I have moved to this new house Iam facing problems both financially and family wise.I have found out that my entrance is in South west.My house also has higher eastern side that south side.Please tell me remedy for these with the things available overseas.

  22. Dear Sir,

    1. My kitchen sink is in exactly South east corner as I am on rent I will not be able to change it.

    2.Balcony is in North-west

    3.Bedroom has a window in west direction.

    Plss suggest how to rectify it ?

  23. sir,
    I am planning to buy a house facing SE. It is a shermukhi flat with extension on the north east side. there are two rooms each on north corner and east corner. i am really interested in buying this flat n hoping that if one room, either north corner room…. or east corner room can be converted to an office… can the dosha of shermukhi be removed? also if we purchase this floor then we will also purchase the basement which will be solely for office. please help!

  24. my house north favcing sitestaircase south and enterence south maindoor and southwest kitchen bedroomsone in southeast and northeast balcony door northfacing is any problem for me finance is good my husband always qurells with me can i conceive

  25. We have recently paid advance to a flat and unfortunately after paying the advance, I have noticed in the plan paper that the flat is not is not in proper rectangle position and the South west corner (Nairuti) where the master bedroom is located is 4 feet longer than the north west west corner (Vayuvyam) where kitchen is located. This is a second hand flat and we couldnot identify this until we saw the plan paper. As per my understanding increase in nairuti will lead to evil consequences in the family. Is there any remidy? Please advice.

  26. Sir,
    At the south of my house is a inground swimming pool, which cannot be moved, please let me know of any remedy.


  27. Sir,

    We have recently shifted in a rented house..where kitchen and bathroom are in north east direction and they share a common wall. Please tell me the remedy for this to improve my financial situation.

  28. Hello Sir,
    My house is south facing. Main entrance is on the SW part. Balcony in SE part. Under the floor of main entrance there is an water tank. Kitchen is located on the NW part and cooking is being done facing to West. Bedroom located on NE. two bathrooms/toilets located on East. Pooja room is located on SE and doing pooja facing to East. Centre hall is being used as dining/drawing room.
    Please let me know whether the plan is against the vastu principal. If so, without demolishing the house, what tare the remedies?

  29. Dear sir,

    I am going to move into a new house after 6 months.
    1. The house has a north enterance and the kitchen is in the north-east corner of the house.
    2. In the kitchen, the gas stove and sink are in the same line on the east wall of the kitchen, the gas stove closer to the north and the sink and water storage closer to the south. I cannot make any changes in the structure as the water connection is in the south corner.
    3. The electronic appliances like refrigerator, microwave, mixer along with some storage will have to be put on the west wall, more towards northwest.

    What ill – effects can this cause? Please suggest a remedy for the same.

  30. Hello Sir,
    I buy a flat.
    The main entrance direction is South Facing Main Entrance and door is at South Corner.

    Other directions are ,
    Hall: North East
    Kitchen: South-West Facing is West
    Bedroom: North-West
    Toilet -Bathroom : West
    Vastu purush is placed at south east direction in kitchen.

    please suggest if any remedies are required to apply for this house.
    waiting for positive reply.

  31. my kitchen is south facing n i m cooking facing towards south my sink is in south east corner n cannot change the location so kindly give some remedies for it

  32. Our house facing is south. And toilet is located in North East corner and there is watertank south west please suggest any remedy for this vaastu dosh

  33. Hello Sir,

    I am living in an apartment which is having kitchen in the north-east direction. The main door is also in the north-east and the kitchen is towards the eastern corner of the north-east. The water sink is in southeast direction and it is not possible to extend the kitchen in any direction. Also it is not possible to shift it.
    The gas stove is placed in the north east direction only. Please suggest a remedy for this as me and my family members are already facing career and health problems alongwith loss of peace in the house. Thanks in advance!

  34. I have kitchen in south east direction and there is a balcony in south east. i face eas twhile cooking. The sink is to my right which means this is planted in south wall and to my left (north east corner of my kitchen becomes a passge to balcony)there is a passage leading to balcony located in south east. Any corrections needed for placing the sink?

  35. Hi, we recently bought a new house which is a diagonal plot. It has the main road on the south west and the north east of the house forms a compound wall, also to the south east is another attached row house. Therefore the east, south east is blocked. also the north east forms the compound of the house and is hence blocked. Can u suggest remedies?

  36. Namakaram,

    I have a kitchen which is located in SE portion. The kitchen has extension of a service area in the eastern side to wash utensils. Is this ok?

    • Hello Mr. Ram Ji;
      The kitchen extension for service area in the eastern side to wash utensils this is Ok, No problem, see it should kept clean after use, otherwise it creates defects

  37. Hi Sir, recently shifted to a newly constructed rented house. North facing, kitchen / pooja room in south east, bedroom in southwest. northeast in living room. north west is toilet and bathroom. my question is bit of (half of ) west corner and north west corner is missing in the plot area as they have been used as stairs outside. pls advise me the bad effects or remedies. Thanks

    • Hello Mr. Prashant ji;
      Northwest corner is missing in the plot and using for Stairs is OK, that will not gives bad effects. And newly constructed house will gives effects either after minimum period of 21 months.

  38. Respected sir,

    we are constructing a new house
    the directions are as below
    NE corner of the house–Puja room (facing- west)
    East almost center–main door with balcony (facing- east )
    SE –kitchen with above balcony (facing- cooking face east, second door of house twds facing south )
    north n slightly west bathroom toilet (door facing- south)
    NW corner — child room (door facing- east )
    SW corner–master bedroom attached toilet (door facing- east)
    SW –master bedroom (door facing-north )
    South–dining room (facing- north or east)
    Exterior NW staircase n garage (facing- )
    SW exterior shop provision is kept. (facing- south or west or north not decided)
    NE –living room with balcony facing north

    Pls guide if the directions are good or any remedy or change.

  39. Respected Sir,

    Thanks for your time and reply. I have sent my plan to your email id (my email id is please have a look at the plan and list down the vastu defects , if any . Also, i am not clear about where the sink should be placed in kitchen. Please guide us in this regard.

    • Hello Mr. Balaji:
      It seems your house is west facing:
      Plan a kitchen platform in East direction so you should face East while cooking and place a sink in NE of kitchen platform. One toilet is falling in NE which may form a defect. Another WC is at Just entrance which also a defect. Bedroom in NE be used for children and retired persons, it should not be used for Couples. for details please visit:

      • What remedies are suggested by you to rectify this defect? As this house almost in the verge of completion, what steps can be taken to atleast reduce the intensity of these defects?Norht east corner of the kitchen becomes a passage to balcony. In this case, where sink should come? please guide.

        Also, i believe one toilet is in east direction and not in north east.Am i right?

  40. What remedies are suggested by you to rectify this defect? As this house almost in the verge of completion, what steps can be taken to atleast reduce the intensity of these defects?Norht east corner of the kitchen becomes a passage to balcony. In this case, where sink should come? please guide

  41. Dear sir,

    I am living in a rented house 1bhk

    1. kitchen is in SW. The burner is like I will be facing south of kitchen while cooking. Is it ok sir?
    2. Toilet in NW? Is it ok sir?
    3. East facing entrance? Is it ok sir?
    4. Bedroom in north? Is it ok sir?
    There are no alterations possible. Request you for remedies if required as ore above info? Many thanks

  42. Dear Sir,

    I have purchased a flat. Main door entrance is in north west facing to which my dad has suggested north west is not a good facing and told to consultant and get the remedies to overcome the problems.


  43. hello sir ,
    in my home there is toilet in northeast , some vastu expert says put some sea salt and energy storing plant in that place
    is that permanent solution or after that can I use toilet again that place

    • Hello Amrit:
      Any remedial measure will reduce the negative effects and not eradicate the defect. Placing proper objectives according to Vastu is the remedy.

  44. Dear Sir,
    I am staying in rented house, House facing towards North, Kitchen is in South West and there is a under tank beside the kitchen which is located at South West direction. But the tank is covered and one cannot see the tank clearly unless we peep from kitchen window. Please advise me, is there any remedies to this vastu dosh?

  45. Hello Sir, I’m looking for buying a house. It’s in North east corner house with north east corner main entrance. Kitchen is in south west and master bedroom is in north west. I can’t change the directions of these. Are there are any effective remedies I can use so that bad effect of this will be minimized

  46. Hello Sir,

    I have a house which i had bought 4 years ago. From the day i had owned it till now nothing good happened in my house. I am facing terrible financial problems, health issues of my family members and even after achieving higher education i am still jobless.

    In my house the septic tank is in south west corner since there is no space elsewhere to make it. The kitchen also in the south west corner and my mother initially used to cook facing south. The cooking position has been shifted to face east.

    Sudden accidents also happened there like sudden death of my grandmother, serious illness of father and following declining health condition. My sister whose marriage happened last year is on the verge of divorce.

    I have got an innocent family but everyone is suffering terribly.

    Sir for god sake help me so that i can save my family from disaster. My contact no is 9531705502.

    Please treat this is comment as super emergency and am ready to do whatever you suggest.

    • Hello Shuvendu Ji;
      It is quiet regretted for late reply.
      Septic tank and Kitchen in the Southwest are the major defects in your house. And that gives the problems what you are facing now.
      Also entrance in South is a defect.
      Remedies: Very immediately close the Southwest septic tank and shift to Northwest.
      If possible shift the kitchen to Southeast or second option to Northwest. Make the arrangements so that a person cooking should face East for Southeast kitchen and West for kitchen in Northwest.
      Regarding your job issue Southwest defect is the reason. Meanwhile use the Northeast direction in more for your own activities.
      Your sister should use the Northwest area more and more for her activities. [Here also Southwest defect is the reason]
      Strengthen Northeast area in your house more and more.
      Please send me the plan of your house so that I will help you.

  47. Hello sir,

    Can i have your mail id so that i can mail you the plan of my house for your consultation? Send it soon

  48. Past 10 years i am facing financial problem.As money comes but there is no stability.As there is no end to the loan which we borrow one or the other is conitnuing.KIndly please suggest me .Last year itself i had a renovation and after that i am facing more problems.

  49. Hello sir,
    I urgently need your advice. From last 4 months, when we shifted to our new house, my family is facing financial and physical, mental and legal problem. My parents fall ill seriously. my younger brother sentenced to jail for 10 days without any crime, just misunderstanding. Money never remains in hand. I searched a lot if there is any vaastu problem in house. Our main gate is in south-west, worship room is south-east and the septic tank is in 3 fit distance from house in north-east direction. Please provide any remedies. we cant build it again now for 6 month due to financial problems.

    • Hello Pradeep:
      Main gate in South-west, Puja room in Southeast, septic tank in North-east are defects which giving you so many problems.
      Please do these remedies: Paint a Light blue color on septic tank cover. Put money plat in Northeast direction. Shift puja place just in East or Northeast. Paint a brown color in SW entrance gate. If possible please call me for detail discussion on 9494214400

  50. Dear Mallesh,

    I am planning to construct the house everything finalised now on going thro your website understood the bathroom outlet should not come on south side we dont not have any other alternative. My plot is facing west side it is only 20×35 sqft. Please let me know whether we can proceed.

  51. Please advise if North West Corner plot Shermukh from North side is built facing West and built in rectangle , it wil not be treated as Shermukh.

  52. we have made our house 1 year ago and it is still under construction but our navagrah puja is complete..but there is a Septic tank and the Kitchen in South-west corner..and also the tap in the Kitchen is in South direction….please tell us the remedies sir……we need your help…

    • Hello Siuli:
      Septic tank in South-west corner is big defect, and there no remedy other than shifting it to Northwest. Kitchen in SW is also defect.

  53. Hi

    My family, we stay in a rented accommodation and cannot do any changes in the house. The entry of the house is is in east.Master and other bedroom is north facing. Master bedroom’s bathroom is south east facing north-east and the bed. There is a mirror in the master bedroom facing north east .Pls suggest solutions undergoing professional stress and also financial problems.


  54. Sir my house was East facing we construct septic tank in Southeast corner past 7 months we are not using can I close with sand that septic tank or can leave it pl note my wife had past 4years not well she had rheumatoid othratics pl sajust

  55. Hi sir,
    We have purchased an apartment the main door facing east but the main door is in south east corner and master bed room is in south west with attached bathroom entrance of the room west facing. The commod in the bathroom is attached to south wall. Iam quite worried please help with remedies.
    My 2 question is – can I change the main entrance door opening from south east to North East ?

  56. Hello Malleshji,
    My house is west facing two story. Ground floor is toilet near entrance on right in southwest, living room after that, in kitchen Gas in North, Sink is East. Garden end of property but south east corner cut which makes a sharmukhi house probably. First floor master bedroom in north west, daughter’s room northeast. My husband’s study is southwest. Bath/toilet is southeast along with commode in east. Ever since we bought this house, my health has been getting worse though I had some health issues for many years. I had a surgery which instead of giving me relief resulted in a new health problem keeping me in constant pains. I am going for another surgery end of June, can you suggest any precaution. we are living in UK so we just cant do any modifications at all. we can only use few items either for house or on us to reduce the effects. We want to sell this house and move into another but only after my health improves and I am fit to shift. Please suggest.


    • Hello Sanjana:
      Toilet near entrance on right in Southwest, Southeast corner cut, First floor master bedroom in Northwest, Daughter’s room in Northeast, Bath/toilet in Southeast : these are the defects which causing lot of problems to you. Southwest, Southeast and Northeast are defected. Can you please call me on 9494214400

  57. Dear sir,
    Please note I m living in a rental house which has a kitchen in west and toilets in south west , please let me know if any vaastu remedy for time being.
    Please note I m buying a house where the entrance is from North kitchen south west with back door, servants room toilet facing west but in south west corner attached to kitchen. Staircase attached to blind wall at east. All the arrangements for buying the property is done.
    Kindly suggest remedy for above .
    Regards / Saroja

  58. Hello Sir, I stay in a rented house. It’s a small room on the terrace with attached kitchen and bathroom. The directions when checked on compass are diagonal. So according to that, the bathroom falls in the south corner. Is this correct or are there any remedies to it?

  59. Toilet and bathroom is situated at southwest side but not at southwest corner, a room is situated at southwest corner thereafter toilet and bathroom (not attached to room),if still a dosh then suggest any remedy without construction?

  60. i have master bed room in southwest and kitchen in southeast…..its a flat i cant change anything moreover its a rented accommodation…..kindly help in removing the doshas..

  61. Small Correction in my Qn.. !!

    According to vastu- Well should not be the at Agneya. If there is a Well at Agneya what is the remedy

  62. What are the ill effects of living in a house bathroom or toilet in North East direction?. Does the problem gets solved if the people living in that house relocates from there?

  63. Sir,

    My apartment has West facing. the entrance is at the South west corner.

    Kitchen in right at the entrance.

    Master-Bedroom is in north/east corner of the flat.

    While cooking, facing is at north, Fridge place is at west wall and this is very close to flat entrance.
    Balcony is at north.

    my apartment is at 7th floor out of 11 floor in building.

    As, I see on forums, The directions are opposite to what it should be ideally

    Please, suggest me for permanent remedy. Please let me know where can I send u the floor.

  64. Hello Sir,

    We have recently purchased a flat & moved in two months ago. On the North east corner of the flat a staircase exists…which means complete north east corner is cutoff… we were not aware of ill effects of this..we got to know that it has some ill effects few days back. Sir, could you please let us know what are the ill effects & remedies that we can do for it as soon as possible so that future problems could be avoided.

    Waiting your reply.

  65. Hello sir
    Recently i have booked a flat. It’s entrance is north west and the north east room is the most big one and extended. Both two toilets are in south side. Only one balcony in east side and the south east room is little bit extended. Another room is in south west side with attached toilet. Can we use this southwest bedroom as master bedroom and can i use this north east bedroom as puja and study room? There is only one window in east side in this north east room. Please suggest.

    Regards and thanks

  66. my house is south facing ,One of the toilet is on north wall and water tanks are quite close to eastern wall ,pl advise about the remedy .

  67. Sir Namaste, we are living in flat for almost 22 years, Our kitchen is in the North east of the house, The person cooking faces the east . The gas stove is in the south east of the kitchen. The north east of the kitchen is having a door.
    We are in position where we cannot shift the kitchen to the south east of the flat because there is children bed room with a batch room in the south east of the house and also the apartment is 30 years old so renovating may be difficult.. Could you please suggest what we can do in this istuation

  68. Hello Sir,

    We have recently purcahed a flat & moved in 2 months back. In the north east corner of the flat we have a stircase, which is completey cutting off Eshanya corner of the flat. We recently got to know that it has ill effect on the people satying in such houses. Sir, could you please let us know about the ill effects & remidies for them. So that future problems could be avaoided.
    Awiting for you reply. Thanks.

  69. Sir,we are in muscat. Our kitchen is south west corner.slab and shelf is in south.sink is in west side. I have kept the gas stove facing west. If I want to keep in the southeast direction space is small to keep the gas stove.after 7years now only I know kitchen should not be in southwest side.though we earn we were not able save the money. What is the remedy.there is also space outside the kitchen empty which can’t be is southwest corner.can I keep Ganesha photo in the entrance of our house for this dosha remedy.

  70. hello sir
    i have my hoouse with
    shermukhi dosha, its front is 4 feet wider than its back. front open in south direction. i request you to please tell me the remidy for this dosh.

  71. Sir
    I have shifted in a south facing house in April with my 2 elder brothers with there family. It is a rented property. We all brothers have their separate business. The room in which I shifted is in southeast side of the house. And it have a attached toilet in northeast side of the room. Both my brothers r getting success in their business but I m falling down day by this is because of some vastu dosh in my room..if yes then please tell me the remedie for that..

  72. Hello sir
    I have purchased a flat it’s south facing, with parking. Staircase is from mid of parking east-south-north. Entrance from east facing., master bedroom in north east , guest room is in north west , living room is in the centre, kitchen is in the south west facing east-south, pooja room is in south east direction pls guide me
    About remedy of the defects.

  73. Sir I have a rectangle shaped flat ( East to West)
    The building has three sided road on east,south and west sides.
    Main entrance of the flat is on North.
    Kitchen on south east.
    A balcony on south faces the road on the south side.
    Master bed room on south west
    Another room on north west with attached toilet bathroom on north west corner

    Is it good to have a balcony on south for flat having entrance on the north?
    Please help.

    Thank you

  74. I have problem that my house is north facing and we r living on 1st floor .stairs r on North direct ion near entry gate and also in the lobby we have stairs in centre please give some remedies for this problem

  75. Dear Sir, our main entrance is SW, bathroom is in NE and all doors face each other.
    My father business always had problems. There are marriageable members…but it never works out. There are other problems as well

    I do see many issues but I dont know if they are doshas at our house or otherwise.
    Pls advise what should and what could we do. Pls advise if selling the house is only option to get rid of all the problems

    I would really appreciate if could guide or advise me.

  76. I purchased an office for investment last year. Now I want to sell it but not getting any response in spite of keeping low price. I read that shop having extended at corner is inauspicious. what is the solution if I want to sell it as soon as possible.

  77. I have a kitchen which is located in SE portion. The kitchen has extension of a service area in the south side to wash utensils. main door is west facing at nw side, Is this ok?

  78. The entrance of my house is East facing ,the living room is south East ,the kitchen is in the north west the child’s room is in the north east,master bedroom is in South west , is there any vastu dosh in my house please comment

  79. Hello Sir,this is regarding my brother’s house.They are facing lot of financial problem and house environment is very stressful lost our father in a rood accident after coming to this house.I think house has vastu dosh. Please find the house details,
    They have south facing gate and west facing main door.
    Water tank is in southeast direction and septic tank is in southwest direction.
    Most of the rooms have five walls/corners.
    Bathroom door is opposite to kitchen door.
    Pooja room is in Northwest direction.
    Now they are not in a state to demolish/ reconstruct anything.

    Can u suggest some simple remedies to come out of this.

    Thank you,

  80. It is really nice of you to help everyone to have a happy life. I hope you can also help me.
    I live in a rented house. The main door is between sw and w. There are two bedrooms-both in the north east. Kitchen is in the sw. I cant use south,sw,west walls to keep my bed.
    We are facing lot of fights and misunderstandings. My husband stays away most of the time due to work.Financially also we have issues.
    Please suggest wat I can do .

  81. My Bedroom is located in North East corner , and the door of the room is in south west corner,
    I am having much issues in my married life ,
    kindly let me know if it is because of Vastu Dosh ,if yes than let me know the remedies.

  82. Hello Sir,
    My new home has bedroom in south east which cannot be moved.
    The kitchen is on the west wall with stove facing north. Th home is north facing, and its built in the north side a NS plot.
    The bathroom and other study room andguest bedroom are all on the east wall, north of the master bedroom.
    The back yard opens up from the living room in southwest.
    I’m concerned abt the master bedroom location. Please advice any corrections.

    Greatly appreciate any help!! Thank you!!

  83. the entrance of my house is west side. my kitchen is on east side but i face south and cook . my gas stove is in south and the south east side is a hand wash sink besides the stove. my fridge is in north east direction and the gods place is above it.

    my bedroom is on north side of the house where there is solide box stone bed made out of cudappah on the north side. master toilet – bath combine is in the north east side of the flat with shower or bathing area in actually north east place and w.c. is in the south east side of the bath area facing north while using it.

    there is a toilet in the south east of the flat which we have closed by puting a wooden plaank on it closing it tempararily and not using it for bathing or any purpose but for storing the grocery by putting heavy drums for storage.

    the south west corner is totally cut from the house as well as the north east is extended.

    i m facing extremely bad financial conditions have faced extremely bad experiences in my married life, have got cut from all my relations, facing evil eye problems on myself and my business. facing black magic problems etc. kindly guide me if i can correct any of these problems by any simple remedies…

    kindly help.

  84. also there is an overhead storage tank on the north west side in the terrace..
    the underground storage tank os almost near the centr of the actual plot.. of the building.. though not exactly the brahmasthanm… ls.. guide.

  85. can an underground well which is alive on west side of any premise ( a shop/ business establishment), though not within that area of operation but in some one elses territory (other shop just immediately beside), but on a same plaot belonging to one landlord?, can it create vaastu dosha on west side for the 1st business owner? what could be the remedies for these?

  86. Hello,
    I have Independent house built in Pune. By mistake(12 years back) the toilet and the bathroom were built in the North East direction. I am facing lots of problem due to that. It is difficult to remove that now, as it will be a big cost for me and there is no other place left in the house. Pl advise.

  87. Hello sir.
    Vastu ke anusaar colour kaun kaun se hone chahiye .master bedroom south west. House facing north. Main gate north east

  88. Dear Sir,

    I have bathroom in southwest corner of house, with toilet in southwest part of bathroom, if I shift the toilet to northwest part of this bathroom, will this correct the vastu dosh effect?

  89. Hi Sir,

    I have a north facing house and at south-west corner we have combined bathroom & toilet. (not attached to room). The gate opens to east of that bathroom and toilet seat is facing to south. Tap water source is connected to west wall i.e. facing east direction.

    Please let me know if it have vastu dosh and remedies for that dosh.

    Warm Regards

  90. Hello Sir, we are staying in rented flat in which main door faces Northwest direction having windows in east.our bathroom is in south and separate toilet is in west direction and our kitchen is in southeast direction with gas stove facing south direction.could you please suggest vastu remedy for this.thanks.

  91. Hello sir
    Recently we have started constructing a house. We have dug a pit in SW direction. Its a defect in vastu. We dont have any space in any other direction except in south. Can i dig a pit two metres away from south wall in same directin.? Plz help

  92. hello sir hv bought a flat in a big soc. which has a well in sw direction hw do we go abt it n hv my daughters room in se corner of the flat kindly suggest.

  93. hello sir i have a problem… in my house toilet is on the septic tank in south-west corner and septic tank level 1′-0″ high to ground level or other sides area down to septic tank….. i want to know that its wrong or right and in future what i face the problem

  94. Hi sir,
    we are living in an apartment where the toilet is in the north-east corner and bathroom in the north and kitchen in the mid west.We are planning to relocate the kitchen to the toilet area taking the passage area and toilet together. is it okay?As it is an apartment the new kitchen will be below,above and next to the toilets of other apartments Is there any problem in this according to vastu?

  95. sir i have a SE entrance house, my kithen in south wall 10 feet distance from enterance .kitchen enterance in north, gas stove in SW of kithen.sink and water pot in SE of kitchen. please suggest remedies. in cant change the above situation

  96. Dear Sir,
    I live in a “L” type flat, where southeast corner is cut off. Please give me an suitable advice to remove the bad effect of Vastu Dosh…

    Thanks a Lot

  97. Hi sir ,my name is Ramganesh , im going to purchase a sw facing entrance flat in 4 th flr it s a typical flr plan building ,all the room side of north is open and all the east side are open

  98. Hello Sir,

    I have made a 2 room+kitchen+bathroom at the third floor of my house. The construction is done at the North corner side, keeping the west and east open. I feel keeping the west open causing a lot of health issues in my family. Please provide the solution.

  99. hello sir
    my flat main entrnace is on the north
    my kitchen is in west. enterence to kitchen is also in west direction. one facing west while cooking.water line connection is also in west and sink is placed left to stove in south west corner of kitchen. sir please give me suggestion

  100. dear sir my flat entrance south south east and m.b south west kitchen is south east and south west south corner extended please advice as per vastu

  101. hello, sir, my home consists of one combined bathroom (bathroom +toilel) in ishaan corner. how to correct this vastudosh without reconstructing it. it will not possible to recontruct again . thanku sir.

  102. Hi,

    My Kitchen is in south east direction, Kitchen door in North Direction (their is no door exactly, it’s an open space of close to 5 feet). Gas stove is faced toward South East, but sink is placed in south west, could you please suggest is it ok, whether i need to change the plan.

    It’s an underconstruction apartment.


  103. Hello,

    I am moving to a new property on RENT. I cannot do any civil or structural changes in the house. Please suggest me remedies. The new property has South entry. The sink in the kitchen is on my left (North/North East) while I am facing East to cook. Mixer, Microwave & Fridge are on the Right (South). The two washrooms are in the North/North East. The wardrobes in both the bedrooms are in the North. One bedroom has East Entry while the other has South Entry & both have windows in the west. When I pray in my Mandir, I face the East. Bang opposite to the Mandir is a door which opens in the balcony. The balcony is in the west & the other balcony attached to the master bedroom (South Entry Bedroom) also opens in the west. Please suggest me remedies for maintaining peace, prosperity & good health in this house as well. Since this is a rented house we cannot alter the structure but certain remedies can definitely be followed. Please help.
    Thank You.

  104. Respected Sir,
    I am married from past 1 year +. For the day i have come to my new house which is a rented house , i have been having health problems. My bedroom is in the N-E direction. We are 4 members in the family:me, my husband & my father-in-law & mother in- law. My in-laws occupy S-E bedroom. There are only 2 rooms in the house. The main entrance of the house is in W, Puja in N-W, Kitchen in the N.
    Kindly suggest a suitable remedy. If u want i can email u a rough plan of my house to be more precise.
    Thank you

  105. Sir,

    My house (Area is 3 cent) is undergoing renovation. It is West facing, entrance being at the middle.
    I would like to get input from you on the issues stated below.
    1. Septic tank is existing in the South West portion with length as East-west and Breadth as North-South. The Toilet existing in the South East corner is connected to this tank. What shall be the direction of sewage pipe connection if we could fit the Septic tank in exact north. (There is huge space constraints).
    A work area needs to be constructed at the East extending from South to North.
    and Kitchen is currently in the North East corner extending till East.

    2. Where shall we place Overhead Water Tank?

    In fact, Renovation is withhold as this confusion exists.

    Sir, Kindly suggest some remedies if it is available.
    Kindly let me know furnished details are insufficient for providing a proper solution.

    Thanks in Advance,

  106. Sir I am kiran from guntur. our house is north facing and the septic tank is at northeast and toilet is at north west. please suggest

  107. Dear Sir,

    I purchasing a house that we liked. I recently found out that toilet is in the center of the house. Is this bad? This is a secondary bathroom. Is there any vastu dosh remedy for this situation?

    How can I attache the plot plan here?

  108. My house is east facing and my bedroom is in west of my house but a problem is septic tank is also in the bedroom in south west direction. kindly give me solution to this problem as I have lost all my funds and business along with reputation loss

  109. dear sir, as per vaastu at the south east corner sink is built and beside of this our stoves situated. what will be the remedies for sink?

  110. Hi
    I am looking at buying a house which is south facing, can you please tell me if I should buy a south facing house and what Vasstu consideration I should have.
    I can send the plan if you could share your email id.

  111. Hi I am planning to take a site on lease to do is north facing other sides with compound wall. east agneya corner had a road that ended from outside up to compound wall does it affect the whole site or can I construct anything in this site

  112. Sir, I own a factory which is situated at T Point of road. We dont want to sell it as we want to start our buisness of flour mill there.The T point road touches the plot at North West direction. The entrance gate is at North East Side.Please suggest any remeady for this vastu dosh.

  113. Hello Sir, I am living in the desert at Jaisalmer City. We have normally our underground/cellar in the south. As we have no underground water so we can dig the land for making a store in the south in the north-east facing homes. My question- 1. Will it be harmfull if we have an underground/cellar in the south 2. Is there any remedy for it because our house is already built and we cannot burried or change.

  114. we are constructed a house south east corner.the SE corner has veedhi potu 2feet drain opposite to my compound wall.can you give the remeady for this

  115. My house is being constructed and our kitchen is in the south east. The gas stove is in east and the sink is in south wall. Now we heard that it is not good to place the sink in the south. So now we are planning to put the sink in north wall. Is it correct? We cant place it in north east as it will be then close to the gas stove. Could u please reply as soon as possible?

  116. I am living in a rented apartment where the bathroom is in south-east corner. Since it is a rented place, there is not much that I can do. What should I do? some people say you should burn a red candle everyday while some say place a picture of a candle.
    Kindly suggest what is the best remedy.

  117. Purchased 2bhk Flat. Main door is towards west. Kitchen is towards south west. Drawing hall is towards north west. Two bedrooms , one is north east and other is south east. Kindly suggest flat is good or not and if not suggest best remedy.

  118. Hello Sir,

    My home is North facing home and has North East Cut, i.e North East is lesser than North West direction.

    Also there is a south west cut due to an extension we did on the middle western side with a Bath & Toilet.

    Well is in South West Direction but not to the corner of the south west as we have coconut tree & Banyan over there. We use the well and water is nice for use. Well does not connect with the compound walls on the west or on the south side.

    Septic Tank is in the North West Direction.

    Main door is hall & all other doors inside the house is opening inside but we have a grill gate entrance in Veranda which opens to the outside.

    North East – Study Room – I am occupying it from my early years.
    North West – Veranda and has staircase on the outside, facing south when ascending.
    Middle – Hall & a Room( I’m planning to shift to this room and it has no windows to the outside, windows to another room present, AC present)
    West – Toilet & Bath.
    East – Separate Pooja Room, Kitchen & then Toilet
    South – Full Room – used as Store Room now and has Bath room ( Not used) as well.

    Can the doshas be rectified with minimum changes to the house?

    Thank you..

    • Also the Pooja Room has 2 Doors which open to the outside and we have total of 1 Single Main Entrance Door, 2 Single Doors for Rooms, 1 Single Door for Back Entrance & 1 Double Door for Pooja Room.

      Single Grill Gate at Entrance opening Outside & Double Grill Gate Backside opening outside. Backside door opens inside however. Backside door is on South East direction but nearer to the north wall.

  119. my bed room faces north side and it is in the corner of southwest where i have to keep my b row iam facing lots of finacial problem

  120. Hello sir, Just learned about the basement’s directions ! I have two basements one in North east side which is inside the house ( using as media room) and the other one in SW direction which is outside of the house — although with in the outer boundary of the house ( area was made for servant and driver residence) – now we have converted SW basement in a office to have 7 people to seat in night time and work… Can you please advise if any remedies or puja needs to be done for such situation or a solution to eradicate any Vastu dosha? your detailed answer will be highly appreciated…

    • Hello Preeti ji:
      Basements in North-east side is OK. But basements in South-west is a defect. So you have to Strengthen South-west using “Gems Therapy” and Have to use some “Energized Yantras” to Eradicate the negativity. Please call me for details on 9494214400

  121. We have made a new house on a south facing plot and the bathrooms are kept in northeast direction and the main entrance is East facing.please suggest some remedy as the direction of bathrooms can’t b altered

    • If bathrooms along-with Toilet in North-east direction it’s a Major defect. You have to Use “Gems Therapy” to block the Negative energy of that North-East toilet

  122. Hi Sir,

    We planning for 3 bedroom house. one of the bedroom is placed in north east direction.does this comes under vaastu dosha.please provide your suggestion

  123. Hello Sir, Our home is shermukhi…What are the solution for this…Please sir help us because we are facing many problems after purchasing for the same.

  124. Hello sir my name is jyoti..Sir In my house north east is cut off what can we do for that
    Vastu correction ..

  125. Namaste Guruji, I have already constructed my house with septic tank in the South West direction. The house is consutucted on a very small land area and I don’t have any space left in the north-west region. Changing the septic tank to north east region now will make adverse effect on the building itself due to lack of space.

    Please could you advice on any remedies for this defect.

  126. Hello Mr Mallesh

    We have recently bought an apartment and are doing renovation work. Since the time the work has started, we are facing issues. Need your advice

  127. hello Sir,
    i am renting one apartment, the door is in north- east, and next to the door is Toilet & Bathroom.
    pls suggest..

      • I am Antony, cochin. I am having 3.410 cents with 550 sqft tiled house, 2 bed rooms door facing to eastern and main front door facing to northern, kitchen location is south east, toilet location is south east corner and septic tank located is north east corner. Pls reply whether this correct or not? If not, what is your valuable suggestion

        Since Feb 15 I am suffering from severe stomack pain due to gallbladder pain and doctor advised me to removed by surgery and also suffering from urinary diseased. I am totally worrked

      • Hello sir,

        Please suggest remedy for north east staircase and bathroom (not toilet) under the staircase.
        Remedy for south west toilet? Copper wire / vastu pyramid or any other suggestion??
        Which direction is good for underground water tank?

      • Hello Gaurav ji:
        Using Gems Therapy the North-east staircase issue will be sort out. Please call me on 09494214400 for details

  128. Good Day Sir,

    I have bought a House with Kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet in South-West Direction. No provisions to shift the locations due to the Building Plan. Suggest some remeadies to relieve.


  129. Hi Sir,

    We are living in a rented apartment in 2nd floor.
    Entrance of house is in North of northeast side.
    There seems to be a small extension in west wall in dinette area and in small bedroom.
    Also an extension in North west corner.

    Patio is in West side. Cooking done facing north. An attached bathroom in master bedroom in SE. Another attached bathroom in East side.
    Kindly let me know what all the vasthu defects this house is having & the remedy for the same.

    Thanks much in advance.

  130. sir in my flat sout west corener , there is no watar isanaya , my bore point is agney wht sould do then put it agneya

  131. Sir , i have one old home in which my mother and father are staying right now, the problem is v r having 3 doors in a straight line ..main door facing middle door of kitchen n third door which is exit door for backyard of home.can .3 doors in a single line problms?..if yes plz tell me remedies…bcoz v r suffering from many problms…And 2nd most imp is …officially v r living on dat home but name on pprs of dat home is of my close relative who is passed away before many years..So may dat cause any prob?..plz help me..going thru bad suituation..:(

  132. If a flat has a North and North-East cut which is more than three forth of the total width of the flat, it is OK? In other words, you could also say that the North and North-west has an extension.

  133. are there any remedies for shermukhi plot?
    my parents are living in a shermukhi plot, and are facing health issues and business losses.

  134. Sir,
    The septic tank in our house was constructed in the north-east corner within our boundary. It was done without much of a thought at that time. But since then we all in our house have been suffering with several health issues. Even my father passed away after suffering a lot. I think all these is because of this reason only. Is there any method of removing the Dosha without shifting the tank. Please suggest.
    Thank you.

  135. Sir,
    We purchase a flat 6 month before and planning to shifting there on 30th May, but now we find that kitchen is in North-east direction behind that L shaped balcony in North East corner of flat which we are going to used for washing purpose, pls advice some remedies without shifting of kitchen
    Gaurav jain

  136. I making new building,i want to make bathroom below stairs, stair is out side, it will use for outer people , can you tell me how to resolve this.

      • We are staying in rented house. Attached toilet- bathroom is in southwest corner. Does it affect inmates? Is there any renedy ?

      • Hello Trupti ji:
        Attached toilet- bathroom in South-west corner is a defect and will affects you. Have to use some energized Yantras to remove the defect

  137. Dear Sir, I am building a new home. My Nakshatra is Purva phalguni, my mrs is Ardhra, son’s is Punarvasu and daughter is Uttra Phalguni. Unfortunately, there is not one star that is compatible or suitable for all for of us. Dhanistha suits me, wife and son, but daugther’s comes as Vipath. Punarvasu has all calculations come positive (ayam, vyayam, yoni etc) but it is the Janma nakshatra for my son and for my daughter it comes up as Pratyaram. Could you kindly suggest what Nakshatra I should use for my house. Thank you so much,

  138. My house toilet is in south west and the main entrance is in south. I do not have money to rebuild the house so please provide remedy as lots of problems there

  139. hello sir, our septic tank,stair case and toilette is is the north-east corner. Going through a really financial crisis. Is there any remedies to get rid-off this problem?

  140. hello sir,we have a septictank at the northwest corner of my home,& iam suffering from health issues,sleeping desorders, no piece of mind,is it a vasthu defect or not pls suggest me

  141. Sir, my father wants to purchase a flat. It has a entrance situated between west and South West. Kindly suggest if it is OK or what can be done otherwise. Thanks Sir

  142. respected sir,my vastupurush is cut.above knee it is in my house & below that neighbour that i can’t get sucessein my life also in me good effective remedise so that i can get good result in my future life.

  143. We were living in a house since 10years after some years we are suffering some problem like financial loss mental stress detouchtment from people etc.another problem is if i speak out something in my home it dosent turns out to can i get rid of it by vhastushastra

  144. kitchen in north west corner of the house but cooking stove is in south east corner only ..problem is that cooking can only be done facing south.. please suggest remedy

  145. respected sir
    My House’s main entrance door is in south direction alsoproblem exists in family so suggest remeady for it

  146. Hello Sir, I am staying with my family in a company provided flat.
    We all always have health problems and not lovable each other Plz guide sir…

  147. We are staying in rented house. Attached toilet- bathroom is in southwest corner. Does it affect inmates? Is there any renedy ?

  148. Hi sir,

    In my house there is a cut in North East corner(ISHAAN). we are living in these home since from 15 years, there will be so many financial & health to my family members frequently from the past…….

    so please suggest me a solution to reduce this all negative effects……


  149. hello sir southeast little bil increased the kitchen house facing is east, is it any bad or good for us please tell me

  150. Hello sir In my house two bathroom are in northeast corners and again we are constructing first floor, and came to know that its a very wrong place for toilet bathroom so we are planning to make toilet bathroom there leaving small rectangular NE corner.

  151. Hello sir i am Madhusudan. Our house is of ground plus first floor with West facing.. Main gate at northwest with road from south west to north and south west to south east. sun rises from northeast corner of building.

    Water Tube well in northeast portion very near by northern wall and 3feet from northeast corner

    Underground water sump with 5feet depth and 4feet long having a gap of 5inchs from water tube well

    Staircase is at southeast corner from ground in clockwise direction.

    Kitchen is at southeast in first floor

    Enterance hall is in L shape from northeast to southwest and Main door at
    northeast corner.

    Pooja shelf facing west in enterance hall at southeast corner on east wall.

    T.V is placed oposite to Main door.

    In First floor one whole Bed room from Northwest to southwest long

    Toilet Bathroom in southwest corner with attached balcony towards upto northwest

    The water drain pipe line of toilet bathroom passes under floor of balcony towards northwest and slopdown to the ground at northwest corner of northernwall.

    Total water drain outlet goes out of building from northwest corner towards southwest municipal manwhole on road.

    please i request you to for remedies if any in the above described postions.

  152. In my house(flat) toilet is in North-East corner with south facing. I have no any option to break it . Suggest some remedies to relieve.

  153. My flat have East south corner entrance with east facing and kitchen is west cooking face is West .master bedroom is ne corner and gust bedroom is nw and 2 bathroom one is East and other is north side please tell me remedies

  154. Hi..
    My house is north facing I want to know is there any vasthu dosh in my. House
    Attached toilet and bathroom is in SE corner
    Bedside that there is kitchen in south
    One room is in SW corner
    One more room is in NW corner
    Puja room is in west in between of rooms

    • Hello Jyothi ji:
      Attached toilet and bathroom in SE corner is a defect. Use SW room as a Bedroom. If you want through analysis, Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.
      My Mail Id: I will reply. It’s chargeable

  155. Hello Sir, my kitchen is in north west, bed room is in north east , entrance is in south west. There is heath problem of my father since long and another problem is that since i have reached the marriageable age and lots of proposals are coming also, but at the final stage it is breaking.My DOB is 03/11/1988.Can you suggest any solution to all these, if there is any vastu dosh then kindly suggest me some remedy for this.

  156. I have moved to a rented kitchen is in SW corner and toilet in NW corner. Main door east facing. Master bed room in NE .one more bed room in SE. Car parking in SE corner. Cloth washing in SW corner . I am facing lot PF expenses on this house and I cannot vacate as there’s is three years locking period pls suggest some remedy.

    Thanking you


  157. Sir,
    I m living in our ancestral property.I m the eldest in family my bedroom is in extended west direction and toilet is also in south west (extended ) direction is there any remedy for this defect.
    Jaswinderr Singh

  158. Respected sir,
    My name is venkat rao having a rectangular flot of east facing. I and my sister together combinely constructing two houses side by side with same roof.we are commonly constructed water tank in E.N and septic tank in W.N side. Due to neighbours problem they telling us to demolise septic tank and sifting that to W.S side or south side of rectangular flot and we have no other option if we sifting septic to W.S side what will be the remedy.please suggest me the best remedy as quick as possible beause they are giving us two days time other wise they will stop our construction work until we are sifting.

  159. Sir I have lost my job and not finding it from 6 months. Almost got through 6 interviews but for some strange reasons I get rejection when I m least expecting it. Father has started drinking to much and currently is in Rehab center. Family have lost relations with each other. I have no savings left now and my own property is also under legal problem. My money is also blocked from couple of sources. Most of it has happened in last 7 months since I shifted to new apartment at rent. I shifted only for 1 month but some or other thing happened and I m not able to get out of it. Indeed I was suppose to shift day after to new place but gonna be landlord rejected last minute. My life is pushing me to go mad and lose myself completely. Please help. This is a property where I want to shift now with my brothers support as I want to be in right place and my brother has shown support as he also believe the problem is with the current house and shifting from here to a good place will bring everything in order.

    How can I send you pictures of layout ? Please advise.

  160. Dear Sir,
    I am Prashant ,and our family is facing lot of health problems and quaraling with each other, also my main door is east facing if I say corner to corner means my main door corner is south east facing and we have a well underground infront of main door ,so kindly suggest me what is to be change

  161. Dear Sir,

    I have exact west face house and porch and main gate located at south side of half of west wall. What remedies should be taken to avoid dosh…

  162. Sir, Is toilet + bathroom in north (not north east or noth west but in middle) okay? What is the effect of well in south east? Should i change both of these?

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